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Launches in late 2022

The Challenge

COVID has changed the way we work. WFH is the new normal, and new needs, wants and desires have started to develop. As much as people enjoy working from home, we've uncovered that there is still a need to get out of the home office space - access to a "third place" so to speak.

The Opportunity

The solution is simple: Meza. Book inspiring home spaces by the hour to help freshen things up. Get re-inspired, dress up and get out of your pajamas, and tackle your work head-on in beautiful homes across New York City.


Two startup founders came to my design partner Alice Xiao and myself with a vision: unlock the benefits of WFH life. They were still early on in the funding phase and gained interest from several investors, but there was one crucial piece missing: the product itself. Alice and I sat down and facilitated multiple stakeholder workshops to truly understand their business and product goals, but most importantly, the experience they wanted to create for their customers.

Project Goals

1. Conduct Primary and Secondary research
2. Empathize with customers and uncover their functional, emotional, and social needs
3. Solution for how customers might discover and book homes
4. Solution for how customers might enter and exit homes
5. Ensure the app feels elevated by design
6. Create the branding for the app, including the logo


Within a 2 month period, Alice and I were able to deliver an end-to-end high fidelity solution that was ready for development. This delivery included an experience for the customer, as well an entire flow for hosts, seemingly tying together to achieve a customer-centric app that will compete with the likes of Airbnb, WeWork, and DeskPass.

(that’s about as much as I can show you hehe - reach out to me for a more in-depth overview)

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