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The Challenge

Our directive, although clear, was layered with complexity: to re-engineer the entire digital shopping interface of Kate Spade. Our objective was not merely to refine, but to revolutionize - creating a beacon of innovation in the realm of e-commerce user experience. This involved comprehensively reshaping the digital shopping landscape of the brand, infusing it with state-of-the-art features and functionality. We were tasked with the mission of not just meeting, but exceeding the industry standards, propelling Kate Spade's online presence to a new echelon of excellence.

The Opportunity

The project offered a unique platform for demonstrating our design prowess, our ability to understand and interpret user needs, and our adeptness in effectively integrating brand identity into an enhanced digital landscape. This task presented a chance for us to engage with the Kate Spade brand at a deeper level, recognizing its nuances and distinctive features that make it beloved worldwide. We had the opportunity to innovate within the parameters set by the brand, respecting its history while crafting a novel digital experience.

Project Overview

Tasked with transforming a digital space with an existing user base and history, we aimed to not only retain the fundamental brand identity of Kate Spade but to elevate it, setting a benchmark in the industry. The project was not just about a cosmetic facelift; it necessitated a radical overhaul of the site structure, functionality, user interface, and overall aesthetic, aiming to redefine the standard for a “best-in-class” e-commerce experience.

Shifting the Business Mindset

One of the biggest challenges, and a significant opportunity, lay in the process of directing the team and the business towards a shift in mindset. It was necessary to elevate the understanding of design’s role in achieving business objectives, from it being perceived as merely an aesthetic enhancer to a strategic driver of customer engagement, brand loyalty, and revenue growth. This endeavor meant fostering a mature design culture within the organization, which was a complex and delicate task.

To build this design maturity, I focused on collaboration, education, and transparency. Collaboratively, we worked across departments, breaking down silos to create a more holistic approach to design. This allowed different teams to understand how design decisions directly influenced their work and the broader business goals.

Educationally, we organized workshops, sharing sessions, and one-on-one coaching, creating a space for people to learn about the value of user-centric design, understand its impact, and see how they could contribute to its implementation.

In terms of transparency, we established clear lines of communication about the design process, including the rationale behind design decisions and the expected outcomes. This helped build trust and confidence in our design approach, allowing stakeholders to understand and appreciate the strategic value of design.

Building a design maturity within a business is no small feat, and it was indeed a tough task. There were inherent resistances and traditional mindsets to overcome. However, by staying patient, resilient, and committed to this vision, I was able to guide the team and the organization through this transformative journey.

The successful redesign of the Kate Spade digital shopping platform stands as a testament to the power of a mature design approach. By integrating design thinking into the core of the business strategy, we were not only able to transform a website but to initiate a profound shift in how the business perceives and leverages design. This accomplishment has paved the way for more user-centric, innovative, and successful projects in the future.

Execution Importance

Execution was at the forefront of our strategy, as the ultimate success of a design hinges on its real-world implementation. Our goal was to ensure every detail, from the micro-interactions to the larger structural elements, seamlessly worked together to create a cohesive, intuitive, and pleasurable user experience. The delicate balancing act was to integrate innovative design elements with technical precision, providing the user with an experience that was as beautiful as it was functional.

User-Centric Design

At the heart of this challenge was the user. We engaged in extensive user research to understand Kate Spade’s diverse and sophisticated customer base. We aimed to deliver a personalized, streamlined shopping experience, whether the user was visiting the site for the first time or a returning customer.


Scalability was a vital concern throughout the redesign. The Kate Spade site is not just a local platform, but a global brand with a growing user base. Thus, our redesign had to be robust, flexible, and capable of scaling in line with the company’s growth and expansion into new markets. Furthermore, the design needed to accommodate evolving technological advancements and user preferences, ensuring its relevance and utility in the long term.

Estimated Financial Impact

The power of design extends beyond aesthetic appeal and user experience; it has a tangible, quantifiable impact on business performance. With our design overhaul, we anticipated a significant boost in site traffic, user engagement, and conversion rates.

Assuming a conservative increase in the conversion rate, coupled with an anticipated rise in the average order value due to the improved user experience, our estimates indicated a potential incremental annual revenue increase upwards of $500,000,000.

This impressive figure is a testament to the transformative power of strategic design. By reimagining the Kate Spade digital experience, we weren’t just refining a website – we were significantly contributing to the business’s bottom line. This expected revenue increase reaffirms the value of our design maturity journey and underscores the strategic importance of design in driving business success.

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