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The Challenge

Our collaboration with Gorilla Group was anchored in a unique challenge. As a force in the commerce landscape known for empowering brands through strategy, technology, insights, and expertise, their digital footprint – their website – paradoxically did not mirror their outstanding legacy. Our mission was to transform this paradox into a testament to Gorilla Group's excellence.

The Opportunity

The incongruity was glaring. Gorilla Group, with its esteemed reputation of sculpting transformative commerce experiences, had its own digital front that seemed almost...whispered. We were entrusted with the alchemy of transforming this whisper into a clarion call of excellence.

Crafting Excellence

Design isn’t static—it’s a dialogue between creator and user. As our designs evolved, they conversed, debated, and harmonized with user needs. With each iterative refinement, we wove more of Gorilla Group’s brand essence into this digital narrative, ensuring every pixel resonated with purpose.

User Exploration

As we embarked on our expedition into the heart of Gorilla Group, it became evident that this wasn’t a mere redesign—it was an anthropological journey. Diving deep into their market positioning, dedicated clientele, and their celebrated commerce methodologies, our extensive user studies cast light on the nuanced, yet crucial desires and requirements of potential partners and customers. It wasn’t just about aesthetics; it was about resonance.

Future-Ready Design

In the rapidly shifting digital realm, adaptability was key. We developed a design that wasn’t just reflective of Gorilla Group’s present stature but was scalable, ready to evolve in synchrony with future trends and the brand’s own growth trajectory.

Awards and Recognition

Our collective voyage culminated in a crescendo of recognition. Garnering a Webby Award, the site emerged as a testament to the symphonic partnership between the Gorilla Group team. Beyond mere accolades, it stood as a beacon of collaborative design.

Conclusion and Future Trajectory

The reimagined Gorilla Group website wasn’t just a project; it became a milestone. In a testament to its impact and the renewed brand visibility, Gorilla Group was recently acquired by Wunderman Thompson. We firmly believe that the website, with its accolades and innovative design, played a pivotal role in highlighting Gorilla Group’s value and potential, contributing significantly to this monumental acquisition.

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