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The Challenge

Coach, a brand renowned for its timeless appeal, was poised for a transformative revival, ready to reclaim its spotlight in the fashion industry. The task set before us was formidable yet exciting - we were to evolve an existing foundation set by an agency, amplifying it to develop an award-winning "best-in-class" e-commerce experience.

The Opportunity

In this challenge lay a unique opportunity - to harness the creative prowess of the Coach team and our technological capabilities, aiming to redefine the Coach digital experience. Our mission was to transcend traditional e-commerce practices, incorporating innovative solutions that would set new industry benchmarks.

Project Overview

This endeavor was about rejuvenating a storied brand, leveraging the potent combination of Coach’s creative energy and our design expertise. The task went beyond a mere refresh – it was a comprehensive evolution that sought to push the boundaries of e-commerce innovation.

Research and User Understanding

Our approach was deeply rooted in understanding our user base, an essential first step in crafting an elevated digital experience. We conducted comprehensive user research, unearthing insights about customer preferences, behaviors, and expectations.

Ideation and Conceptualization

We went beyond the given brief, brainstorming to develop potential solutions that would not only meet user needs but exceed their expectations. We aimed to blend the timeless aesthetic of Coach with modern design principles, creating a unique digital shopping experience.

Challenges Faced

Our journey with Coach was not without its obstacles:

  • International Scaling: Adapting the brand and e-commerce platform for international audiences presented linguistic, cultural, and logistical challenges.
  • Market Expansion: Venturing into new markets meant understanding and catering to diverse user behaviors and preferences.
  • Launching ‘Coachtopia’: Introducing a new campaign and site necessitated a seamless integration of branding, user experience, and technological backend.
  • Building a Scalable Design System: Creating a design system that’s both robust and flexible enough to accommodate future changes was imperative.

Design Development and Refinement

As we translated our concepts into concrete designs, our focus remained on ensuring a cohesive, fluid, and engaging user experience. Rigorous testing and iterative refinement were crucial parts of our process, ensuring the final design resonated with our users and achieved our lofty standards of excellence.

Financial Impact

The successful redesign of the Coach e-commerce platform was not just a win for users but also for the business. By enhancing the user experience, we aimed to boost engagement, increase conversion rates, and, consequently, drive revenue growth. Right now, that estimated financial impact sits around $500,000,000 increase annually.

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