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The Challenge

Bungie, a beacon in the gaming realm, beckoned us on a unique mission: to craft a digital nexus between the mesmerizing worlds they've sculpted in games like Destiny and their online portal. Our preliminary task was twofold: to grasp the rich tapestry of their game narratives and to understand the fervor and aspirations of their vast player base. Our ambition was clear - a seamless web experience that felt like an extension of their gaming odyssey.

The Opportunity

The challenge laid before us was intricate. How do we integrate the adrenaline of in-game achievements into the site experience? Our vision began to crystallize: a platform where every Guardian's accolades, their triumphs, and their legacy in the Destiny universe would find a mirrored reflection. Every in-game achievement would echo on this platform, urging players to not only explore but to also engage, leveraging their in-game credits.

Guardians’ Sanctuary & Embodying the Ethos

In collaboration with Bungie’s visionaries, our goal was to create a sanctuary that functioned as a dynamic marketplace. It would be a space where players could display their hard-fought victories and transact using their in-game earnings. But beyond functionalities, capturing the ethereal, the charisma, and the camaraderie intrinsic to the Destiny universe was paramount.

User Experience Odyssey

Delving deep into UX, our journey was about mirroring the in-game experience. By iterating upon feedback, we ensured the site’s navigation, interactivity, and aesthetic design felt fluid and intuitive, akin to the immersive experience they cherished in Bungie’s games.

The Digital Dawning & Echoes of the Light

As we unveiled this reimagined platform, our vision transcended mere user metrics. It was the chorus of appreciation from the Guardians, Bungie’s dedicated player base. In crafting this bridge between game and portal, we’ve not only honored the legacy of Bungie’s creations but also ignited a beacon for their digital future, intertwining game lore with user engagement.


Mike Schultz – Associate Creative Director | lead the over UX

Sean Kelly – Support, UX | I played more of a support role on this project

Alice Xiao – The amazing visuals!!!!



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