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The Challenge

America's Best Contacts & Eyeglasses, a leading discount provider of eye care products, tasked us with creating an online experience that could compete head-to-head with premium brands in the space. With over 700 retail locations across the United States, our mission was to translate their successful physical retail experience into a compelling, user-friendly digital platform.

The Opportunity

The task set before us presented a unique opportunity: to leverage the power of design to level the playing field between a discount provider and its premium counterparts. America's Best Contacts & Eyeglasses, known for its affordability and extensive physical footprint, was seeking a transformation that would allow it to compete in the digital arena.

Design Credo & Futureproofing

At the core of our design journey were three pillars: customer-centricity, mobile adaptability, and foresight. We prioritized an intuitive user journey, ensuring ease at every touchpoint. Recognizing the mobile-first world, our designs were crafted for smaller screens, with responsive flexibility for larger ones. Additionally, with an eye on the horizon, we built adaptable component systems ready for future innovations.

Blueprint to Reality

From the outset, our expedition spanned a multitude of crucial phases. It began with in-depth competitive scrutiny, graduating to audience mapping and strategic wireframing. Our hands crafted the visual narrative – playing with colors, UI design nuances, and integrating a unified design system. All the while, we ensured a transparent dialogue with stakeholders, aligning visions and expectations.

Measuring Impact & The Culmination

Our compass for success was pointed at distinct milestones: the meticulous reimagination of four websites, the conception of dynamic CMS components for evolving marketing narratives, the streamlining of core elements, intuitive navigation restructuring, and enhancing visual signposts for optimal product exploration. The culmination was not just a design overhaul but a digital metamorphosis, poising America’s Best Contacts & Eyeglasses for a renewed surge in the online eyewear arena.

Industry Rivalry & The Numbers Game

The online eyewear market is a battleground, teeming with brands vying for the consumer’s attention. Recent studies showed that premium brands, riding on the wave of brand equity, command an impressive 45% of the market share. Meanwhile, mid-tier brands, offering a balance between cost and quality, take up another 35%. With discount providers like America’s Best representing the remaining 20%, the challenge was evident.

However, even within this competitive space, America’s Best held a silver lining. Their physical retail presence, spanning 700+ locations across the U.S., had already garnered them a loyal customer base. Our task was to leverage this existing trust and channel it into a digital platform that could stand its ground amidst these market dynamics.

Recent metrics provided a glimmer of hope. While premium brands boasted a repeat customer rate of 60%, America’s Best, with its emphasis on affordability without compromising quality, had managed to secure a 50% repeat rate, an impressive feat for a discount provider. Our objective was achieved: By amplifying their online presence and refining the user experience, we bridged this gap and even tilt the scales in their favor.

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