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The Challenge

International Paper is one of the world’s leading producers of fiber-based packaging, pulp, and paper. They needed to develop a completely new B2B shopping experience to replace the old and outdated purchasing flow.

This project required months of research, on-site design workshops, and a variety of UX deliverables, such as customer interviews, personas, secondary research, sketching, wireframing, etc.

The Result

We created a new B2B channel called International Paper Shop that looks, acts and works like a B2C eCommerce experience. The expereince helps alleviate any stress for purchasers – it provides one place to place and manage all aspects of an order.   


Through our interviews we found that order placement and management, inventory checks, and quoting are primary functionalities users needed, so we wanted to allow users to access that without hesitation or extra clicks. With thousands of products, we introduced a brand new catalog browsing experience, shown below.

Research Goals


Modernize both the visual and functional experiences to best represent International Paper’s industry-leading expertise and manufacturing quality.



Empower all customers with streamlined, user-friendly experiences to quickly validate inventory, place orders, track and manage account details, and access product and industry-relevant tools and resources.



Set the groundwork for a scalable solution that will continue to evolve with company growth, customer expectations and catalog expansion

Research Callouts

21 phone interviews

3 focus groups


5 primary personas

68 competitor reviews




B2B gets a B2C look and feel. Black, White, and Green are represented throughout the experience.  


Creative Director – Kaila Christoff

UX Design – Sean Kelly

UI Design – Larayne Dumlao



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