Design serves as an instrument that empowers individuals, as it is a process that fundamentally revolves around human experience. This is why I hold the conviction that empathy is the paramount attribute of a designer. Design transcends the mere aesthetics, and instead, it focuses on crafting experiences that enable individuals to live their lives to the fullest potential.


My journey in design began with e-commerce, where I garnered a wealth of experience that has laid the foundation for my career. I have been instrumental in creating engaging and interactive e-commerce platforms that not only drive user engagement but also increase business profitability. This rich experience has been a springboard, launching me into a world where design extends beyond websites and online stores.

One of the most transformative experiences of my journey was steering businesses towards Design Maturity. By emphasizing design’s strategic value, I’ve championed its role from merely being seen as an aesthetic enhancer to a core driver of customer loyalty and business growth. This endeavor, beyond individual projects, reflects my commitment to instilling a design-centric mindset in organizations. It’s an ethos I carry into every project, nurturing a culture that recognizes the strategic and transformative power of design.

My skills are far-reaching and multi-dimensional, enabling me to contribute to any area of product design. My proficiency isn’t limited to a single platform or type of product. Whether it’s app design, the user interface in a high-tech automobile, a sophisticated digital signage system, or any other interactive screen, I have the expertise to navigate the complexities of the design process. I can visualize and realize the potential of design, making any screen a conduit for exceptional user experience.

At the heart of my work is a lifelong fascination with design and an unwavering belief in its potential to transform products, experiences, and even societies. I am driven by the ambition to produce designs that are both innovative and impactful. My goal isn’t just to add aesthetic value but to enhance functionality, usability, and accessibility, creating products that truly stand out in their category.

My design philosophy is deeply ingrained in collaboration and innovation. Whether it’s assisting a well-established firm in enhancing their existing experiences or partnering with budding entrepreneurs to bring their pioneering ideas to life, my approach remains constant. I strive to foster an environment that encourages creativity, pushes boundaries, and ensures the successful execution of ideas.


Masters Degree in HSP Leadership & Operational Performance
Depaul University, Kellstadt Graduate School of Business


Bachelors Degree in Hospitality Leadership
Depaul University Driehaus College of Business


Design Lab UX Academy
AJ & Smart Workshop Facilitation
IDEO Design Thinking


Sr. Manager UX/UI Design : Current


UX Designer  : 2017-2019
Gorilla Group, Wunderman Thompson


Principal Designer – Freelance : Ongoing


UX Designer : 2018
Silva Brand


CX Assistant : 2016
Steelcase, Workspring

Brands I’ve
Worked With

Kate Spade
Stuart Wietzman
RX Bar
Georgia Pacific
International Paper
America’s Best Eyewear
Silva Brand
CCIM Institute

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